“Susan is a wonderful counsellor. She is warm, kind and she genuinely cares about me. She is very helpful in brainstorming and problem solving through situations that I need assistance with. She is a tremendous presence in my life. She is able to use her own personal experience, along with her extensive academic experience, in the counselling process, which proves very beneficial in supporting me. The value that I receive is that I am able to have a caring, kind, and professional person in my life that can help me deal with the hurdles that life throws at me. Susan is a one of a kind individual. I believe it is her genuine interest in helping others, and her dedication to the people that she counsels. Susan also has a vast knowledge of the field of addiction and concurrent disorders, which is evident when you are in a counselling session with her. She is a great listener and gives amazing feedback that is very helpful. Susan has been an integral part in my life, helping me to handle situations that used to be very difficult for me to deal with. I have been able to be successful at school, and face up to problems in my life that I could never have confronted if it were not for Susan’s exceptional guidance skills. I am at a place in my life that I never thought was possible, and Susan has played a large part in getting me there. I would definitely recommend Susan as a counsellor to others. In fact, I have done so on several occasions. She is an outstanding person and loves helping others.”

From, Ashley B.