Young People and Mental Wellness: Why It’s Important to Inspire Easily Influenced Minds

Despite the harmful consequences of substance use that can lead to mental and physical distress, vulnerable youth are still engaging in unsafe behaviors involving drugs and alcohol.

Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines

Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines: A Comprehensive Update of Evidence and Recommendations | AJPH | Vol. 107 Issue 8 Background. Cannabis use is common in North America, especially among young people, and is associated with a risk of various acute and chronic adverse health outcomes. Cannabis control regimes are evolving, for example toward a national legalization … Continue reading Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines

So marijuana’s (almost) legal. Why it’s still not great for wellness

By Shaun Francis, CEO and Chair Dosist is a company that sells small, off-white devices it calls “dose pens,” a little larger than a rubber eraser, designed to vaporize precisely controlled amounts of marijuana concentrate. The products come in different formulations, each labeled with monikers like “bliss,” “calm” and “relief.” The dose pens are not … Continue reading So marijuana’s (almost) legal. Why it’s still not great for wellness