Medical Marijuana – clearing the smoke…

imgresIt’s very confusing out there in cannabis Canada. People believe they are buying medical marijuana sanctioned by some higher authority from street front dispensaries that provides the purchaser supposed prescriptions.

Below you will find some excellent articles and reference points to help clear the smoke…

This link says that actual medical marijuana is provided through Health Canada’s licensed producer’s, though they do not authorize dispensaries.

This article states that marijuana is not legal yet, so you can only have marijuana legally if it is from a licensed producer.  Dispensaries are not legal yet. Prescriptions can be written for dispensaries though it is frowned upon and not legal yet.
talks about a program that only offers medical marijuana if you are over 25, must have a prior diagnosis within the last 5 years (Canadian diagnosis), etc. It also says that there are only 30 licensed producers in all of Canada right now.
Here are some warnings from the Health Canada website…
Thank you Georgia for researching this very foggy subject.

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