CCSA – Clearing the Smoke on Cannabis, Sept 2016

Highlights – An Update

This document highlights findings from a series of reports that reviews the effects
of cannabis use on various aspects of human functioning and development. Specifically, the reports address: Chronic Use and Cognitive Functioning and
Mental Health; Maternal Cannabis Use during Pregnancy; Cannabis Use and Driving; Respiratory Effects of Cannabis Smoking; and Medical Use of Cannabis
and Cannabinoids. This series is intended for a broad audience, including health professionals, policy makers and researchers.

What is it?

  • Cannabis is a greenish or brownish material consisting of the dried flowering, fruiting tops and leaves of the cannabis plant Cannabis Sativa.
  • Hashish or cannabis resin is the dried brown or black resinous secretion coating the flowering tops of the cannabis plant.
  • Cannabis is known by many names including marijuana, weed, hash—and others.
  • Cannabis is most often smoked in a “joint.” It is also smoked in a water pipe or “bong,” where the smoke is drawn through water to cool it and lter out small particles before inhaling. It can also be vaporized in an e-cigarette or consumed in edible products.
  • Currently in Canada, licensed producers and registered individuals can supply cannabis for medical purposes in fresh, dried and oil forms (Health Canada, 2016).
    Who’s using it?
    After alcohol, cannabis is the most widely used psychoactive substance in Canada.
  • About 11% of all Canadians aged 15 and older have used cannabis at least once in the past year according to the 2013 Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CTADS) (Statistics Canada, 2015).
  • In the CTADS report for 2013, about 28% of those who used cannabis in the past three months reported that they used it every day or almost every day (Statistics Canada, 2015).

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